Friday, September 4, 2009

I Miss you brother

Tears sways down from my eyes,

Heart severs with oodles of woes,

And I tend to discover myself entirely unaccompanied,

When I heed other talking about their brother.

I get reminded of every individual day,

Which we frittered as one.

I am clout with the reminiscences,

Of those days when we were as one.

I used to be solitary due to disappointments,

But at each instant you came and convoyed me.

I used to collapse and,

You used to confer me with back-up.

But now the whole thing gives the impression of desertion.

Without you I witness, my conduit becoming sturdy.

Grasses have grown to acute stature.

So please come back to confer me the loan of your support.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Memorable Moments

I still relish those days,

When the whole lot seemed charismatic,

When dozen of us made the lot feasible and,

When nothing seemed to stop us.

We holded earth in our palm,

And did the lot, away from our potential.

We climbed the rock, we swam the river,

We played with muds and did everything.

Occasionally running away from our elders,

To flee from their reprimands,

We hid ourselves in rooster domicile.

And at times even in swine sty.

But now, the time has become hectic,

And life has amplified its pace.

But Still, I hope for those days to approach,

For us to subsist our life to the fullest once more.