Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Stop Loving Love

Accede me to enlighten thou a plain veracity,

That impedes us from being more witty.

The truth that I have dissected and skilled.

A verity that has not hitherto been revealed.

A deep weed ridden lake of my sorrow,

A grief which even a life can’t borrow.

A sting which I amass from every bee,

A twinge that life presents to me.

But Thou shall not endure the pain,

Of the love akin to the bead of rain.

My plea will uphold thee from menace,

And my words will get thee out of love race.

Just pursue me till the conclusion,

And snoop my words with filled meditation.

Avert diminishing in futile love,

And fly with me like a pallid gratis dove.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Gift of spring

Amid the cremation of winter,

The spring takes a new birth.

Soothingly and rapidly it matures,

Affecting everybody just about it.

The tulips blossom with full sway,

Dodging the chastise of summer.

Birds convoy each other and sings,

With love season cheering them.

Every plants fritters as solitary,

To bring the lovers of spring together,

To demolish the foe of love,

And, to fortify the supremacy of love.

Despite of perturbed enemies,

The spring still subsists and tutors,

The gist of life and;

Calls itself a season of love.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Feeling of Spring Love

A flower blossomed in my garden,

She seized away my gasp with no pardon.

She raided my world and incarcerated my heart.

And now in my life plays a very imperative part.

While sometime I endeavor to pick her,

But she presages me not to come near,

I query, why she doesn’t let me single out her.

And habitually I question; don’t I merit even that power?

Thinking it, tear sways down from my eyes,

But still I each time try to veil this.

Solely because I don’t want to see,

My flower being picked by a bee.

With a trust of getting a consent from my flower,

I, an fortuneless fanatical pure lover,

Anticipate for those high heeled days to impend,

When she lend me her care gripping my hand…