Monday, June 7, 2010

Feeling of Spring Love

A flower blossomed in my garden,

She seized away my gasp with no pardon.

She raided my world and incarcerated my heart.

And now in my life plays a very imperative part.

While sometime I endeavor to pick her,

But she presages me not to come near,

I query, why she doesn’t let me single out her.

And habitually I question; don’t I merit even that power?

Thinking it, tear sways down from my eyes,

But still I each time try to veil this.

Solely because I don’t want to see,

My flower being picked by a bee.

With a trust of getting a consent from my flower,

I, an fortuneless fanatical pure lover,

Anticipate for those high heeled days to impend,

When she lend me her care gripping my hand…