Monday, March 21, 2011

Day When World Ends

The date shall arrive whilst no tenure contain a power,

Only shall there be vague grief shower.

The premature earth shall then start to see,

The glimpse of what the universe can be.

Universally thee shall; blemish the brook of red water,

And hear the feeble na├»ve creatures’ holler.

Earth shall be candid to all and sundry that day,

Irrespective of reason that each lone lay.

Thee shall glance the ground twirl into a blaze,

And it populace all scoffed by the angst raze.

 No spirit whom we foresee shall then arrive,

To hoard their own devotee from the thrive.

Darkness shall leave all of us dumb,

When cosmos would eradicate into crumb.

The day would loom while no one can subsist,

To mend the annihilation rooted by beast.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

My True Love Story

I loved you deeper than the base of the ocean.

I heeded you higher than the limit of the heaven.

I treasured you superfluously amid no one’s reach.

I applauded you extravagantly beside my pure preach.

Still innocent about the god having taken my all power,

I did myriad crazes just with a faith to get a flower.

Whilst I primed to pick you to make thee mine part,

I got all the tinge of the thrones in my heart.

But I don’t censure you for this lovable pain.

Instead I blame god; for swabbing away my dreams with rain,

For crushing my care and adore for thee,

And for disbanding me away from ye.

I am wholly broken now without any desire,

But still I defy god in intriguing my love away from fire.

I am going to love you until the entire slaughter of my stamina,

And I am going to cry till my death I love you….I Love You!!