Thursday, January 27, 2011

My True Love Story

I loved you deeper than the base of the ocean.

I heeded you higher than the limit of the heaven.

I treasured you superfluously amid no one’s reach.

I applauded you extravagantly beside my pure preach.

Still innocent about the god having taken my all power,

I did myriad crazes just with a faith to get a flower.

Whilst I primed to pick you to make thee mine part,

I got all the tinge of the thrones in my heart.

But I don’t censure you for this lovable pain.

Instead I blame god; for swabbing away my dreams with rain,

For crushing my care and adore for thee,

And for disbanding me away from ye.

I am wholly broken now without any desire,

But still I defy god in intriguing my love away from fire.

I am going to love you until the entire slaughter of my stamina,

And I am going to cry till my death I love you….I Love You!!

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