Saturday, October 20, 2012

If Just I Could Fly - Ashu T

It’s been quite sometimes now,

I’ve been looking at the velvet sky.

While with the vague smirk on my face.

Watching birds and wondering if I could fly.

I would rip the fluffy cloud,

Through the sky, to the heaven.

With the stars, I would talk loud;

And then doze off with lullaby of moon.

If just I could fly.

I would hear no more chastise,

Of the people I treasured the most.

I would never have tear in my eyes,

And neither have my heart ever lost.

If just I could fly.

Everyday would be a vivid day.

No one would be ever mad at me.

I would bask in the mid of May.

I would only hear the drone of the bee.

If just I could fly…..If Just I could fly.

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